November 17, 2011

Describe your experience working with demographic (ages, income levels, ethnicity, languages) diversity. Are you fluent in any languages beside English?


         My childhood was spent in Bridgeport, Connecticut where I was a minority in my elementary school.  I have worked in an affluent mountainous resort town in Colorado where the average income were six figures, as well as an incredibly diverse populations in Southern Florida and South Carolina where more than half of the children were on public assistance.  While doing missionary work, I have lived in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.   I have also traveled extensively through Central America and spent a month doing humanitarian work for the Moskito Indians in the Jungles of Honduras.  I thrive and feel quite comfortable working with different demographic groups and actually prefer it.  I speak fluent Spanish and can communicate in other languages such as Portuguese and Italian.


         The programs and facilities that I have supervised have ranged from child care facilities, after school programs, to teen centers, adult sports leagues and centers for senior citizens.